Tip of the Week: New and Improved OMIM®

submitted by: OpenHelix

Explore the new interface for the venerable OMIM genetics resource; visit http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=8539 for more details and references.

Tip of the Week: Allen Institute's Brain Explorer

submitted by: OpenHelix

For more information about this resource see our blog post at URL http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=8376. We show an overview of how researchers can use the Allen Institute's Brain Explorer to compare detailed gene expression data in two human brains, side-by-side.

Tip of the Week: InterMine for mining "big data"

submitted by: OpenHelix

The InterMine software for mining "big data" is friendly and customizable. More details at http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=8313

Tip of the Week: Synteny and DotPlots at VISTA

submitted by: OpenHelix

A quick tip introducing how to access the dot plot and synteny information of VISTA. CHeck out the blog post for more information: http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=8185

Tip of the Week: LAMHDI for animal models

submitted by: OpenHelix

Searching for animal model sources is made easy with the LAMHDI database. http://blog.openhelix.com/?p=7897 for additional details and links.

GSC 11: Claire O'Donovan

submitted by: psterk1

Unifying genome annotation through community efforts. Claire O’Donovan (European Bioinformatics Institute).

The 11th Genomic Standards Consortium Meeting (GSC 11), held at The Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK, April 4-6, 2011 (http://gensc.org/gc_wiki/index.php/GSC_11

Tip of the Week: MetaPhOrs, orthology & paralogy prediction

submitted by: OpenHelix

A tip of the week on MetaPhOrs, a orthology and paralogy prediction database. For more information see the write up at: http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=7707

Tip of the Week: ORegAnno for regulatory annotation

submitted by: OpenHelix

Literature-curated annotation of regulatory elements + visualize them with UCSC Genome Browser. http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=7567 for links and references.

Tip of the Week: DAnCER for disease-annotated epigenetics data

submitted by: OpenHelix

DAnCER allows exploration of chromatin modifications and disease relationships; see http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=7245 for links and references.

Tip of the Week: SIFT: Sorting Intolerant (SNPs) From Tolerant

submitted by: OpenHelix

Today's Tip of the Week is a quick intro to SIFT, find more information at: http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=7098