Privacy Preserving Data Dissemination

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Presentation by Shuang Wang at the iDASH Internship Symposium

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

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Presented by John Elder, Elder Research, Inc. and the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA. John Elder and Elsevier Publishers are delighted to present this short video, extracted from training material produced by Elder Research, Inc. In this video, John introduces some of the mistakes to avoid during the data mining process. This video will be of interest to business intelligence organisations and financial analysts, but also to anyone needing to extract information from large...

Data Mining for Scientific Applications

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Natasha Balac discusses "Data Mining for Scientific Applications" at the Cyberinfrastructure Experiences for Graduate Students Spring Orientation Workshop in 2007. For more information see:

SDSC is Data Centric

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Fran Berman discusses SDSC's data centric focus and their three key leadership areas.: data-oriented high performance computing, data-storage and preservation, empowering data-oriented communities. Originally posted by SDSC on SDSC's CI Channel at: