submitted by: yeastgenome

This video describes the Pattern Matching Tool available at the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD).


submitted by: yeastgenome

Describes how to use SPELL (Serial Pattern of Expression Levels Locator), a query-driven search engine for large gene expression microarray compendia. Users will learn how to perform a search using a set of genes, download data, and show expression levels for a single gene.

BioHDF - Toward Scalable Bioinformatics Infrastructures

submitted by: mark_welsh

The huge volume of data produced by novel sequencing technologies presents significant challenges around data transmission, storage, bioinformatics analysis, visualization, and archiving. Widespread adoption of Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) will be hindered if bioinformatics software cannot scale to meet these challenges.

Second Generation RNA-seq

submitted by: dougramsey
Next-generation sequencing is revolutionizing our knowledge of the human and other genomes and is increasingly being used in new and unexpected areas. This meeting is intended to help the next-generation of scientists to extend the use and application of this exciting technology. If you are new to next-generation sequencing this meeting will be an excellent introduction to the current state of the art as well as an overview of new applications that may be applicable to your research. There...