The CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System Version 1.0.

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CUAHSI 12/1/2006 Cyberseminar presentation by David Maidment, University of Texas, Austin

CUAHSI Hydrologic Information Systems: A Community Briefing

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CUAHSI 10/28/2005 Cyberseminar presentation by David Maidment Maidment, University of Texas, Austin

The Importance of Marine Picoeukaryotes and the Search for Lost Time

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Unicellular eukaryotes are responsible for a massive amount of photosynthetic carbon fixation in marine systems. The smallest among these fall within the “pico” size fraction (<2 micrometers in diameter), are broadly distributed – from coastal to open-ocean environments – and are highly diverse. Picoeukaryotes contribute a significant proportion of the biomass and primary production within this size fraction, often rivaling their cyanobacterial counterparts Prochlorococcus and...

The Human Oral Microbiome by Floyd Dewhirst, Harvard University

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The human oral cavity is a diverse habitat that contains approximately bacterial 600 predominant species. The oral microbiome is comprised of 44% named species, 12% isolates representing unnamed species, and 44% phylotypes known only from 16S rRNA based cloning studies. Species from 11 phyla have been identified: Firmicutes (211), Bacteroidetes (106), Proteobacteria (99), Actinobacteria (64), Spirochaetes (49), Fusobacteria (29), TM7 (12), Synergistetes (10), Chlamydiae (1), Chloroflexi (1)...

Verizon USB727 vs Sprint U727 USB Card Comparison Demo

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We compare the Verizon Novatel USB727 vs the Sprint version the U727. Even thought they look exactly the same there are a few differences. Both are Free at

Verizon USB727 vs C597 USB Card Comparison Demo

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We compare the Sprint Sierra Wireless Compass 597 with the Verizon Novatel USB727. While similar, there are some important differences. Both are available for Free at

Verizon UM175 vs. Sprint Compass 597 USB Card Comparison

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We compare two USB cards that Sprint & Verizon offer, the Compass 597 and the UM175. Both cards are Free at

Free Pantech UM175 USB Card for Verizon Video Review

submitted by: MoreMobile reviews the UTStarcom UM175 USB mobile broadband modem.

Kyocera KPC680 ExpressCard for Verizon Video Review

submitted by: MoreMobile reviews the Verizon Kyocera KPC680 mobile broadband expresscard.

How to Use the Sprint Coverage Map

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Video: How to use the Sprint coverage map to see how the service will be in your area or an area that you are visiting