Introduction to the 2009 DOE JGI User Meeting

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Eddy Rubin introducing the 2009 DOE JGI User Meeting on March 25.

"Diversity Generating Retroelements" - Jeffrey Miller, UCLA, @ '09 DOE JGI User Meeting

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Jeffrey Miller (UCLA) speaking at the DOE JGI 2009 User Meeting on March 27.

Tree of Life

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Explore the evolutionary links between living things with the Wellcome Trust's Tree of Life, developed as part of our Darwin 200 activities, which celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. This six-minute Tree of Life video also appeared on the BBC One programme 'Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life' narrated by David Attenborough. In addition to the video, an interactive version of the 'Tree of Life' here (http://www.wellcometreeoflife.org) has been created to allow...

"Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea (GEBA)"- Jonathan Eisen @ '09 DOE JGI User Meeting

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Jonathan Eisen, (UC Davis) presentation for DOE JGI '09 User Meeting on March 26, 2009, introduction by Dan Rokhsar (JGI).

"Population Genomics and the Bacterial Species Concept"- Peg Riley @ '09 DOE JGI User Meeting

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Peg Riley, (U. Massachusetts) presentation for DOE JGI '09 User Meeting on March 27, 2009, introduction by Eddy Rubin (JGI).

wisskomm tv 18/08

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German vodcast about science communications. Forschung transparent: Das nano2hybrids Projekt mit Videotagebuch der Forscher - Das Portal des britischen Vega Science Trust mit eigenproduzierten Videos - Nobel Faces : Portraitfotos von Nobelpreisträgern bei scienceblogs.de - Der " Schwarzmarkt für nützliches Wissen und Nicht-Wissen" macht in Wien Station - Die Universität Erfurt wirbt um Studenten - Der Nachlass von Charles Darwin im Internet - Die MS...


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Six Science bloggers talk about why they blog, the role of blogging in science, feedback they've received, and the greatest microbiological discovery in the past decade. Bloggers featured include: John Logsdon Sex, Genes & Evolution http://www.johnlogsdon.blogspot.com Jonathan Badger T. Taxus http://ttaxus.blogspot.com Yersinia http://www.myspace.com/lenore138 Moselio Schaechter Small Things Considered http://schechter.asmblog.org Tara Smith Aetiology ...