Portal de Porticos - Final presentation

submitted by: lciuffo

(Damage Portal) Application ported on the EELA-2 Grid during the Second EELA-2 Grid School.

Drug Discovery for Alzheimer's Disease

submitted by: alex01

Gregory Rose from PharmExperts.com interviews J. Buccafusco (Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA) about his development of new anti-Altzheimer drugs, designed to act by multiple mechanisms to improve congnition. Desensitization of nicotinic receptors is one of the novel approaches proposed by Buccafusco. Three of his compounds are currently in advanced preclinical evaluation.

Portal of Damage on Grid

submitted by: lciuffo

Application Demo: http://applications.eu-eela.eu/application_details.php?ID=44
Authors: Julio Florez, Vanessa Hamar