Global Warming Project

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Our project describing global warming

Kip, Alexis && Drake. (:

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Totally Drake, Nerdy Kip, and "Rainbow" Alexis explain global warming. xD

global warming

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causes effects and solutions to global warming

Global Warming

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Causes, effects, and solutions of global warming

Climate Change

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This video is about the climate changing and what we can do about it.

J. J. News

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Global Warming

Storm Drain Pollution

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This video is about what happens when we litter and it is swept into outdoor storm drains. This is the product of Charisa, Gaby, and Diana!!! Yay!! :)

Ocean Acidification by Aaron, Ricardo, Andres

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Ocean Acidification

Global Warming

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A video explaining the causes,effects,and soultions to global warming

The Mango Science

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This is a project from hilltop middle school it is about global warming affects in the ocean.