Special Report: Global Warming

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This is a video concerning global warming and a new invention in an interview format.

Destruction of the Known World: Climate Change

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The first episode of our talk show! The topic on today's show: Climate Change! Join us and explore the causes and efects of greenhouse gases and ocean acidification!

Global Warming

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Our video is about the causes,effects, and solutions for global warming.

The Effects Of Acid Rain

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Acid Rain project for Science Hilltop Middle School

Global Warming

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A news artcile on global warming

Acid Rain "Erik And Alex" project

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A project/presentation on Acid Rain

climate change project on global warming

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we talked about solutions for global warming.

Global Warming

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It is a video about the causes and effects of Global Warming.


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My slide is green. This video is about global warming

Amy, Leilani and Yvette on Global Warming:)

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Global warming and it's effects