tyler and alfredo

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climate change

jazmin, ariana, brittnee

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climate change and environmental science


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climate change

Ocean Pollution and a Magical Hobo Scientist?!

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Nicole is making another one of her daily blogs when she comes across a question. "What is Ocean Pollution?"
Along with Tori, her know-it-all best friend, she soon discovers that with a magical hobo scientist you can definitely accomplish things!
...Like finding out what ocean pollution is! Or... how to find the best food out of the gutters? "/
Whatever. Enjoy the video (:
- Nicole, Maya, and Tori!

Allie and Elenaaaaaaa. :D

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Pollution and how to save the Earth.

ocean times

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a project describing global warming effects and causes for hilltop middle school

A Stop Motion Video on Global Warming

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This video is about Global Warming, its causes, and some solutions. This took 8 hours, over 65 sticky notes, and a poor little sharpie.

climate change project

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about the cuases and effects of global warming

global warming

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the topic of this is global warming it contains the causes the effects and the solutions to global warming

Effects Global Warming

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The Effects Global Warming.