The Importance of Marine Picoeukaryotes and the Search for Lost Time

submitted by: dougramsey
Unicellular eukaryotes are responsible for a massive amount of photosynthetic carbon fixation in marine systems. The smallest among these fall within the “pico” size fraction (<2 micrometers in diameter), are broadly distributed – from coastal to open-ocean environments – and are highly diverse. Picoeukaryotes contribute a significant proportion of the biomass and primary production within this size fraction, often rivaling their cyanobacterial counterparts Prochlorococcus and...

Dual axis moment exchange inverted pendulum

submitted by: graham.gabe

Hardware demonstration and explanation of an inverted pendulum, stabilized by two independently controlled reaction wheels connected to DC motors. Made as part of a master's thesis at the System and Identification and Control Laboratory at the University of California, San Diego.