Why Is Science Cool? - Science Experiments

submitted by: SpudNicStudios

In this short video created for the Kavli Science Video Contest, I explain the reason why I think science is cool...because of the science experiments! I demonstrate a few interesting experiments and briefly explain the cool science behind the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment! I hope you enjoy the video, thanks for watching!


A Slice of Life

submitted by: hhsso

A short video that exemplifes how science is all around us and plays a profound role in our daily lives.

At the same time it answers the question "why is science cool"?

Aliens Attack, Science Prevails!

submitted by: kemin

Aliens from the Alpha Bizarri star system land on Planet Earth. Unfortunately, in their language, the word "science" means "stinky garbage." So the aliens plan to eliminate all science from our planet! But just in time, a group of Super Scientists arrives to save the day, by showing the aliens how cool science is!

USA Science & Engineering Festival Promo

submitted by: stacyj
The first USA Science & Engineering Festival, "The Woodstock of Science", coming to the National Mall this October. The USA Science & Engineering Festival will offer hundreds of hands-on science exhibits, workshops, and performances. Over 400 of the nation's leading science,engineering, and academic organizations will be participating in the festival and Expo. Satellite events are being planned nation wide, and student competitions are underway. http://www.usasciencefestival.org/

Web 2.0 Panel

submitted by: dougramsey

A discussion with Brian Dear from Eventful.com, Seth Greenberg from Intuit.com and Turbotax, and Seth Sternberg from Meebo.com on Web 2.0, online enterpreneurship, user communities, advertising, technology and communication.

wisskomm tv 23/08

submitted by: wisskomm
German vodcast about science communications.Die Expo 2008 in Saragossa und der Wettbewerb " H2O Short Films " - " Expedition zum Meeresgrund ", eine gemeinsame Filmreihe von Marum und der Deutschen Welle - Aktuelle Statistiken gibt es bei statista.de - Relaunch der Website von Wissenschaft im Dialog - Die Ausstellung " Kunst in der Tiefe " der TU Freiberg - Wettbewerb " Kopf und Zahl " für Geisteswissenschaftler - Vince Ebert : Der...