Glass coatings enable futuristic digital displays - CES 2015

submitted by: nsf
At 2015 International CES, NSF-funded small business Sun Innovations demonstrated a special coating that transforms transparent surfaces – such as glass – into futuristic digital displays. The prototype, based on a set of nanophosphors with highly fluorescent quantum efficiency, could potentially enable vehicle windshields or building windows to display electronic information while remaining otherwise transparent. Learn more at .

Introducing Sourcemap: the Open Source Platform for Sustainability and Supply Chain Transparency

submitted by: amerigo
How can we begin to make sustainable decisions without information about the products and services we buy? At Sourcemap, we believe you have a right to know where things come from and what they're made of. Sourcemap is a free and open platform for understanding the social and environmental impacts of modern supply chains. It is a rich social tool for crowd-sourcing information from producers, designers and consumers to build a comprehensive catalog of consumer products. Built-in...