Confocal Microscopy Imaging of Micro-Spheres and Defects in Liquid Crystals

submitted by: icamvid

S. A. Jewell gives a talk at the LC2CAM 08 conference about the use of FCPM to see director distortions around imbedded objects and in-plane fields can be resolved in a sub-micron scale.

Confocal Raman Mapping of Colloidal Particles in Smectic a Liquid Crystals

submitted by: icamvid

Ebru Buyuktanir gives a talk at the LC2CAM 08 conference about CRM and the results which include raman images of 5CB, focal conic domains of 8CB, and inverse smectic inclusions.

Operetta™ High Content Screening System

submitted by: SimonVipoir

See how easy High Content Screening is with the PerkinElmer® Operetta™ High Content Screening system. This informative video demonstrates how straight-forward it is to set-up and run an experiment using the Operetta, and analyze your images using the PerkinElmer workflow oriented Harmony™ software.

The nature of cell science

submitted by: Pacho
Certainly it´s irony in the title, because these images never made it to publication status. Sitting over the microscope, whilst listening to music the idea popped up to combine microscopic imagery with electronic music. The Scientist will certainly see more than a carpenter, but both might enjoy the beauty. Concerning the used music, it is Venetian Snares (oh another biological toppic) "Szamar madar", a masterpiece (in my ear) in blending classical music with electronic break core...