Nash Bargaining Via Flexible Budget Markets

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In his seminal 1950 paper, John NashIn his seminal 1950 paper, John Nash defined the bargaining game; the ensuing theory of bargaining lies at the heart of game theory. In this work, we initiate an algorithmic study of Nash bargaining games. For a certain class of Nash bargaining games, we show that they can be transformed into a market (in a new variant of a traditional market model from mathematical economics). We then extend techniques developed in theoretical computer science over the...

Inca: User Level Grid Monitoring presented by Shava Smallen

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Shava Smallen, the lead grid computing programmer for Inca, discusses how Inca detects Grid infrastructure problems by executing periodic, automated, user-level testing of Grid software and services. For further information see:

Computing Beyond Turing: How Neocortical Theory is Shaping the Future of Computing

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Talk by Jeff Hawkins about "How Neocortical Theory is Shaping the Future of Computing"

Achieving Strong Scaling with NAM on Blue Gene/L

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Dr. Sameer Kumar from IBM presents "Achieving Strong Scaling with NAM on Blue Gene/L"

Overview of HPC—Eye Towards Petascale Computing

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Dr. Amit Majumdar discusses "Overview of HPC—Eye Towards Petascale Computing" at The 2006 Summer Computing Institute. For more information about the Summer Institute please visit: Originally posted at SDSC's CI Channel.