Richard Cogdell - Bacterial Photosynthesis (MWV 069)

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Richard Cogdell is the Director of the Institute for Molecular Cell and Systems Biology at the University of Glasglow, Scotland. Richard was led to a career in studying bacterial photosynthesis by a desire to learn and understand basic photosynthesis, he "wanted to know how natured worked." In 1995, Richard's research group, in collaboration with others, used protein crystallography to determine the three dimensional structure of a light-harvesting complex from the purple bacterium,...

Organometalic Complexes for Light-Emitting Diodes, "The Nature of Light Emission"

submitted by: icamvid

Paul Burn Gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about organic light-emitting diodes, other light-emitting materials, and deep blue phosphorescence.

Strong Electron Correlation Effects in Transition Metal Complexes: from Molecular Transitions to Absorption Spectra of Metalloproteins

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Daniel Cox gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about electron correlation on the molecular level and it's connection to the Anderson model, X-ray absorption, and molecular ransistors.

Overview of the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM) and International Institute (I2CAM) for Complex Adaptive Matter

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Daniel Cox gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about the missions, activities, and funding sources of the organizations ICAM and I2CAM

Measure Molecular Interactions in Living Cells

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Enrico Cratton gives a talk at the RPP08 conference about a "toolbox" to address questions regarding the formation of protein complex, their spatial distribution, and their stoichiometry.

Structural Insights into the KEOPS Complex: An Ancient Protein Kinase Containing Machine

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Frank Sicheri talks about an ancient protein kinase containing machine that gives structural insights in the KEOPS complex. This includes the KEOPS structure, and its functions.