Public Participation: Importance of Community Participation in Creating a Neighborhood Plan for the Hillcrest Community

submitted by: caseyuy

It discusses the importance of public participation in the neighborhood planning process. The video also talks about the methods used to support the findings of the research.

It Takes a Vision to Raise a Village: A Case Study of The Village at Market Creek

submitted by: Kristy Shields

This video is a short introduction to my Senior Research Project for the Urban Studies and Planning program at the University of California at San Diego.

Recovered [In]equalities: Empowering Communities to Impact Built Environment Change

submitted by: lbelen
It is often believed that private stakeholders are solely responsible for many environmental injustices in low-income minority communities, however this is not truly always the case. This research project examines public participation in the community planning process as a way of achieving environmental justice in land use and the built environment by evaluating two San Diego communities: Barrio Logan and Carmel Mountain Ranch. This research project also seeks to determine whether a...

The "Bungalow-Effect" on Redevelopment Policy in North Park

submitted by: DirtyDave

North Park's 1907 blueprint sustained itself a full century, even fighting off the Modernist-Era's project-like apartment invasion between the 60s and the 80s. This poster outlines the research discovering how and why this was possible.