Community Gardens: Building community through gardening

submitted by: Aditami

Do community gardens attract greater community participation and involvement?

Reaching New Heights

submitted by: Triciad

City Heights is an important case study into the extent of community involvement in how services such as safety are provided, due to its success, with crime rates dropping dramatically over the last ten years and development beginning to pick up. This presentation reveals my research behind the provision of public goods, and the interactions between community and elite actors, which allowed City Heights to succeed in their vision of a safer neighborhood.

Examining 'Food Culture' for Grassroots Mobilization

submitted by: rlee

My postercast provides an overview of my thesis on the food culture of City Heights, which includes the purpose of my research, findings/analysis, and an explanation to how the knowledge that is gathered from my thesis could contribute to grassroots mobilization.

The Birdland Pit: Community Involvement in Infill Development

submitted by: agage
Infill development is the future of growth in San Diego. Yet when new infill projects are announced they are often opposed by community groups that do not want the character of their neighborhood to change. The goal of this case study was to get ahead of the contentious phase of the redevelopment process by examining a potential infill site in the Birdland neighborhood. The study sought to determine whether there was consensus among the residents -- without the pressure that a looming...

The Birth of a New Institution: A Case Study of the Financial Opportunities Center

submitted by: CynthiaCenteno

This study analyzes the stakeholders involved in the process of developing and establishing the Financial Opportunities Center (FOC) and looks at the relationship between LISC, the investor and MAAC Project, the investee.