Student housing and its effect on student interaction

submitted by: llemusin
The purpose of my research is to learn more about the architectural design of residential communities and their influence in perpetuating or discouraging student engagement in on-campus university residences. Though some researchers suggest that individual desire increases student engagement, I suggest that the design of the community space is an even larger factor. This research design is centered on an observational study and survey at two common spaces located within a corridor and...

André Vatter - Der Vernetzer

submitted by: ZBW

André Vatter, Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften – Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft (ZBW), berichtet in diesem Kurzinterview über seine Tätigkeit als Community Manager.

GSC 12 Session VII: The Evolution of a Community

submitted by: psterk1

The 12th Genomic Standards Consortium Meeting (GSC 12), held at The Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany, September 28-30, 2011 (

The purpose of this session is to allow discussion time for brainstorming about the way forward for the GSC as a community. Chair: Dawn Field, CEH, UK.

Truths and Fallacies Surrounding the Mortgage Interest Deduction: A Case Study of San Diego County

submitted by: jevans1357
The mortgage interest deduction (MID) represents the federal government’s largest housing subsidy. The MID is surrounded by significant debate regarding its equality and effectiveness. Opponents of the policy argue that it favors the rich, while supporters see it as a vital housing stimulus. The focus of this project is to provide a case study to use as complimentary evidence to the current literature, which is largely conceptual and policy based. To do this, the project is rooted in...

Public Participation: Importance of Community Participation in Creating a Neighborhood Plan for the Hillcrest Community

submitted by: caseyuy

It discusses the importance of public participation in the neighborhood planning process. The video also talks about the methods used to support the findings of the research.

Comparative Analysis of What Foods Enter the Home

submitted by: Brittany

My video describes my research. I focused on foods that enter the home in hopes of finding why parents purchase certain foods.

Reaching New Heights

submitted by: Triciad

City Heights is an important case study into the extent of community involvement in how services such as safety are provided, due to its success, with crime rates dropping dramatically over the last ten years and development beginning to pick up. This presentation reveals my research behind the provision of public goods, and the interactions between community and elite actors, which allowed City Heights to succeed in their vision of a safer neighborhood.

The Character of Infill: A Case Study of Hillcrest's Uptown Shopping Center

submitted by: jlngo
As new undeveloped land becomes scarce in San Diego and the economic downturn has put pressure on existing developments, particularly retail and commercial spaces, the trend has shifted towards infill redevelopment. Hillcrest’s Uptown District Shopping Center, developed three decades ago, has been heralded as the type of infill major cities should now strive for. Developments such as this one, however, are not easy to achieve nor are they to emulate. This research is a study of what makes...

Reintroducing Community in a Land of Sprawl

submitted by: ahirvine

This research examines the features of sprawl that have such negative impacts on community, livability, and sense of place, and commences in a comparative city analysis of policies enacted to reverse the effects of these land use patterns. Looking at the efficiency, feasibility, and cost-benefits of these programs and new theories in urban design, the aim was to find solutions for this problem that could be used in the larger context of the world.

The Importance of Marine Picoeukaryotes and the Search for Lost Time

submitted by: dougramsey
Unicellular eukaryotes are responsible for a massive amount of photosynthetic carbon fixation in marine systems. The smallest among these fall within the “pico” size fraction (<2 micrometers in diameter), are broadly distributed – from coastal to open-ocean environments – and are highly diverse. Picoeukaryotes contribute a significant proportion of the biomass and primary production within this size fraction, often rivaling their cyanobacterial counterparts Prochlorococcus and...