Science Nation - BPS - Brain Positioning System

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Keeping better track of yourself and your keys Imagine if getting lost became a thing of the past. Even the common search for lost keys would no longer seem like a lost cause. Well, cognitive psychologist Amy Shelton of Johns Hopkins University is doing research that might help us keep track of ourselves, as well as our things. For this and more Science Nation, go to

Reducing backward masking through action game training

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Action video game play enhances basic visual skills such as crowding acuity and contrast sensitivity (C. S. Green & D. Bavelier, 2007; R. Li, U. Polat, W. Makous, & D. Bavelier, 2009). Here, we ask whether the dynamics of perception may also be altered as a result of playing action games. A backward masking paradigm was used to test the hypothesis that action video game play also alters the temporal dynamics of vision. As predicted, action gamers showed reduced backward masking...
Authors: Renjie Li, Uri Polat, Fabien Scalz, Daphne Bavelier