Introducing the Delta Ray Road Trip

submitted by: Chrom Solutions
Join us on the #DeltaRayRoadTrip across Canada as we continuously measure the CO2 concentrations and the 13C and 18O isotopic values to better understand our environment. Our coast-to-coast journey will take us through areas of heavy population and industry as well as some of the most sparsely populated areas in the world. Ride along as we drive through spectacular forests, agricultural landscapes, crowded cities, tall mountains and beautiful prairies. Stable isotope research has long been...

Chemistry Dry ice

submitted by: enigmadan

Dry ice video showing the powerof dry ice


submitted by: naomix

What happens when dry ice and water combine in a water bottle? Water shoots out at high speeds!

Biology of Plants

submitted by: scivee-team

An overview of the process of photosynthesis and the biology of plants - function, reproduction and life.