Patient Characteristics associated with Venous Thromboembolic Events: a Cohort Study Using Pooled Electronic Health Record Data

submitted by: Jamia
Abstract: Objective: To demonstrate the potential of de-identified clinical data from multiple healthcare systems using different electronic health records (EHR) to be efficiently used for very large retrospective cohort studies. Materials and methods: Data of 959,030 patients, pooled from multiple different healthcare systems with distinct EHR, were obtained. Data were standardized and normalized using common ontologies, searchable through a HIPAA-complaint, patient de-identified web...

Plasma-free Metanephrines Quantitation with Automated Online Sample Preparation and a LC/MS Method

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Xiang (Kevin) He presents his scientific poster about a fast, automated and analytically sensitive LC-MS/MS method developed to quantify plasma metanephrines with significantly simplified sample preparation procedure by using Thermo Scientific TurboFlow™ Technology.


submitted by: ucrex

Demo of UC-ReX Shrine