Planning Parks for a More Social Experience

submitted by: tkwon

Parks do not only function as an opportunity for residents to enjoy themselves and nature, but as a social mechanism that stabilizes society. By interacting with each other positively in a relaxed and safe environment, a sense of community is reinforced within the citizen. Certain areas within the park increase social interaction among visitors. So then, what designs affect citizens’ interactions with each other?

Designing Urban Parks for Civic Vitality and Sustainability

submitted by: kpezzoli

Mentored by Judy Tjiong students Mark Arroyo, Dave Eng, Mayra Medel, and Chris Wong present "Designing Urban Parks for Civic Vitality and Sustainability" for the grand challenge for "Equitable Redevelopment and public policy" for their USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project 1.1.1. For more information please see: