Fast Characterization of Functionalized Silica Materials by Silicon-29 Surface-Enhanced NMR Spectroscopy Using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

submitted by: emsley
We demonstrate fast characterization of the distribution of surface bonding modes and interactions in a series of functionalized materials via surface-enhanced nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy using dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP). Surface-enhanced silicon-29 DNP NMR spectra were obtained by using incipient wetness impregnation of the sample with a solution containing a polarizing radical (TOTAPOL). We identify and compare the bonding topology of functional groups in materials...
Authors: Malika Boualleg, Chloé Thieuleux, Arthur Roussey, Fernando Rascon, Florent Héroguel, Pascal Miéville, Veronika Vitzthum, Marc Caporini, Anne Lesage, David Gajan, Moreno Lelli, Laurent Veyre, Geoffrey Bodenhausen, Christophe Copéret, Lyndon Emsley