Feature Based Terrain Modeling

submitted by: apryl

Author: Ali Charara, PhD Candidate
Supervisor: Alyn Rockwood, Professor of Applied Mathematics
Assisted by: Eduard Wisernig, Mousumi Pain

Volume Visualization and Compositing on Large Scale Displays Using Handheld Touchscreen Interaction

submitted by: apryl

KAUST graduate student, Cristhopper Armenta Gastelum, describes his research.

Multi-language video playback using beam forming

submitted by: apryl
This is a multi-language audio demo used at the KAUST SIGGRAPH booth. For the full effect of the audio demonstration, this video was be available for preview in the KAUST booth at SIGGRAPH 2011. The demonstration used beam-forming to control the electroacoustic architecture of dialog in both english and arabic languages spatially in a designated area. Arabic listeners could stand a few feet away from english listeners and watch the same visuals comfortably without hearing the other...

Environmental and STEM Education Synergies

submitted by: icamvid

Peter Smerud speaks at the 2012 "Becoming Engaged" Workshop on the STEM environmental education program taking place at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center.