Chalk Talk - Polymers

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Muscle fibers, DNA and plastics are all examples of polymers. Watch this video to learn more.

Green Revolution: Biomass

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Explore how different types of biomass can be used to produce fuel. One researcher is building reactors to grow algae used to create biofuel. Another studies how leafcutter ant colonies break down biomass in order to solve a different biofuel problem: conversion of cellulose in plants to a fermentable sugar used to make ethanol. Finally, an engineer shows us how his lab uses chemistry and heat to turn sawmill waste into bio-oil and gasoline.

Andrew Bradbury on "Towards experimental annotation of genes by high throughput sequencing"

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Andrew Bradbury of Los Alamos National Laboratory discusses turning annotation into a sequencing pipeline on June 3, 2010 at the "Sequencing, Finishing, Analysis in the Future" meeting in Santa Fe, NM.

Thermomechanical characteristics of plantation grown rattan canes (Calamus merrillii Becc.)

submitted by: UP Los Baños
A report on the study conducted to determine the softening temperature of plantation-grown rattan canes; measure the cell wall components e.g., cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin; of plantation-grown rattan canes; and compare the properties of plantation-grown rattan canes to wild canes. Prof. Willie P. Abasolo Department of Forest Products and Paper Science College of Forestry and Natural Resources University of the Philippines Los Baños

Combining Agriculture with Microbial Genomics To Make Fuels

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Summary *Key challenges include dealing with diverse cellulosic sugars and finding ways to recycle carbon dioxide back into useful biomass. *Sugar cane and Hibiscus varieties from the Malvaceae plant family are sources of cellulosic biomass that do not require highly productive agricultural lands. *Microorganisms associated with termites and shipworms might harbor useful enzymes for processing biomass, while yeasts associated with Malvaceae plants are also worth investigating....
Authors: Nadathur Govind, Arup Sen

Biology of Plants

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An overview of the process of photosynthesis and the biology of plants - function, reproduction and life.