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Liquid crystals are a kind of matter that exists somewhere between a liquid and a solid. We can control the order of the liquid crystals used in liquid crystal displays with electricity. Think of it like a valve for light. We can open and close the valve by changing the alignment of the liquid crystals using electrical fields.

Membrane Rafts: Part 3: Making Rafts in Living Cell Membranes (20:39)

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In this lecture, I explore new ideas about how lipid components of the plasma membrane may be organized by active processes, rather than by passive mechanisms involving thermodynamic phase separation. I introduce the idea that the structure of the cell membrane at different length scales may arise as a result of the composite nature of the membrane bilayer and the underlying actin-cytoskeleton. Once again, it appears that the secret of the organization of membranes and membrane components in...

Membrane Rafts: Part 2: Looking for Functional Rafts in Cell Membranes (41:55)

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In this part, I focus on our laboratory's ongoing preoccupation with rafts where we study the characteristics a popular "raft-marker", a class of cell surface lipid-tethered proteins, the GPI-anchored proteins. These lipid-tethered molecules are sorted at the cell surface into a specialized endocytic pathway, suggesting their segregation at the cell surface. Here I describe collaborative interdisciplinary work from my laboratory and that of my physicist colleague, Prof. Madan Rao, where we...