Improving Production of Saba, Lakatan and Latundan Cultivars in Different Cropping Systems

submitted by: UP Los Baños
Discusses the project development framework developed to improve local banana production. Existing packages of technologies for the producgtion of local banana culivars were assessed, validated and refined to fit the requirements and conditions of small banana growers. Project won the Best Paper, PARRFI Development Award given by the Los Banos Science Community Foundation, Inc. By Edna A. Aguilar, Jose Nestor M. Garcia, Nelly S. Aggangan, Juliet A. Anarna, Patrick M. Rocamora, Leonardo L....

Isolation of banana genes involved in the developmental control of banana ripening

submitted by: UP Los Baños

A report on the project done to isolate and sequence fruit-specific MADS-box genes from banana and isolate the genomic DNA region encoding for identified MADS-box genes and to characterize the promoter region.

Crop Science Cluster
College of Agriculture
University of the Philippines Los Baños