Measurement Site for Waist Circumference Affects Its Accuracy As an Index of Visceral and Abdominal Subcutaneous Fat in a Caucasian Population

submitted by: Bosy-Westphal
Following experts’ consensus, waist circumference (WC) is the best anthropometric obesity index. However, different anatomic sites are used, and currently there is no universally accepted protocol for measurement of WC. In this study, we compare the associations between WC measured at different sites with total visceral adipose tissue (VAT) volume and cardiometabolic risk. Cross-sectional data were obtained from 294 adults and 234 children and adolescents. In addition, longitudinal...
Authors: Anja Bosy-westphal, Christiane-alena Booke, Thordis Blöcker, Elke Kossel, Kristin Goele, Wiebke Later, Britta Hitze, Martin Heller, Claus-christian Glüer, Manfred james Müller