MWV Episode 72 - Jonathan Eisen - Evolvability, the Built Environment and Open Science

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Jonathan Eisen is an evolutionary biologist, currently working at University of California, Davis and is the academic editor-in-chief of the open-access journal PLoS Biology. On this episode, Jonathan talks about "evolvability," the probability that organisms can invent new functions. To do this, he has been using genome data in conjunction with experimental information to try and understand the mechanisms by which new functions have originated. Another area of interest for Eisen is the...

Science Nation - Japanese Quake Test

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A massive shake table test in Japan could lead to safer wood-frame buildings in earthquake zones.
In the end, it swayed but didn't fall. Perched atop the largest shake table in the world and subjected to a massive simulated earthquake, this six-story, wood-frame condominium stood tall, and the success of the test may lead to safer, taller wood-frame building construction in earthquake zones.