Our Built Environment: It Takes Energy

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Can we rethink the way buildings use energy? John Ochsendorf, an Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture at MIT, is working with his students to change the way buildings are made and how they consume energy.

Science Nation - Solar Decathlon

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Teams design and build homes powered by the sun This past October, taking a walk on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., might have been more like taking a walk into the future. Twenty solar-powered homes were sprawled across the mall's west end, transforming it from a park into something that resembled an innovative new housing development. Park purists take note: the transformation was only temporary. The homes were part of a competition. "The Solar Decathlon is a competition for...


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A green roof can certainly make a building look nicer, but can it measurable lower energyrequirements and improve water management? Engineer Jelena Srebric and horticulturist Rob Berghage are working on a project to measure and model how a green roof affects the way buildings use energy and water. In the lab, Tyler Meek does weather experiments indoors to determine the effects of light, wind and water on the roof. Paulo Tabares Velasco works to make a mathematical model to predict what will...

Amazing Earth 2

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A documentary about volcanic eruptions, their causes and effects on Earth and the geological implications of those events in history and in the future - Part 2.