Tip of the Week: ChromoHub

submitted by: OpenHelix

Today's tip of the week is on Chromohub, an annotated phylogeny of chromatin mediated signaling genes. For more information, check out our blog post at http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=12671

Tip of the Week: converting genome coordinates

submitted by: OpenHelix

Tip of the week, converting genome coordinates between assemblies and genomes using Galaxy. Check out the blog post for more tools and information about this: http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=8628

Tip of the week: CTD and VennViewer

submitted by: OpenHelix

For more description and information go to: http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=5488 This tip of the week is on Comparative Toxicogenomics Database or CTD and the new tool VennViewer.

Tip of the Week: Genome Variation Tour III

submitted by: OpenHelix

For more information, few the blog post at: http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=4763 . This tip is the continuation of a genome variation tour. We will look at finding SNPs in LD with our SNP of interest using GVS

Tip of the Week: Genome Variation Tour II

submitted by: OpenHelix

More information can be found here: http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=4602 . This week's tip in 2nd part in a 5 part series of tips following one variation in an individual's genome across several databases and resources to find out what information we gather about the clinical association of that variation. This wee we look at dbSNP, VarView and OMIM.

Jim Laugharn on "Optimizing DNA Shearing"

submitted by: JGI

Jim Laugharn of Covaris, Inc. discusses DNA shearing for next generation sequencing at the "Sequencing, Finishing, Analysis in the Future" meeting in Santa Fe, NM on May 28, 2009.