Nikos Krypides on "Analysis of metagenomic sequences: from megabases to terabases"

submitted by: JGI

Nikos Krypides of the DOE Joint Genome Institute discusses metagenomics and the challenge of dealing with terabases of data on June 4, 2010 at the "Sequencing, Finishing, Analysis in the Future" meeting in Santa Fe, NM.

Bob Fulton on "The Genome Center at Washington University"

submitted by: JGI

Bob Fulton of Washington University discusses the sequencing platforms in use at this large scale genome center on June 2, 2010 at the "Sequencing, Finishing, Analysis in the Future" meeting in Santa Fe, NM.

Tip of the Week: MINT, Molecular INTeractions Database

submitted by: OpenHelix

Learn more about MINT from our blog . In this tip of the week we explore the basic search and visualization features of the MINT resource for protein-protein interactions.

Tip of the Week: Genome Variation Tour III

submitted by: OpenHelix

For more information, few the blog post at: . This tip is the continuation of a genome variation tour. We will look at finding SNPs in LD with our SNP of interest using GVS

Tip of the Week: Biocatalogue for finding web services

submitted by: OpenHelix

Find useful tools and databases available via web services with Biocatalogue:

Tip of the Week: Genome Variation Tour II

submitted by: OpenHelix

More information can be found here: . This week's tip in 2nd part in a 5 part series of tips following one variation in an individual's genome across several databases and resources to find out what information we gather about the clinical association of that variation. This wee we look at dbSNP, VarView and OMIM.

Tip of the Week: The Cancer Genome Workbench

submitted by: OpenHelix

For more information about this resource, see our blog post at The Cancer Genome Workbench gathers cancer information from a wide variety of projects and presents the cumulative data as high-level summary visualizations. With just a bit of acclimation, researchers can utilize this resource to further their understanding of cancer genomics.

OpenHelix Tip of the Week: Mouse Resource Browser

submitted by: OpenHelix

Mouse Resource Browser video tip: In this week's tip, we present the MRB resource features and provide an overview of the structure. For more details about the resource and the paper that was published by the resource providers, click the URL for the OpenHelix blog entry for this tip.

Tip of the Week: Genome Variation Tour I

submitted by: OpenHelix

You can read more at . The first in a multi-part tour of the many resources available to the researcher or clinician looking into the data on genomic variation. Today's tip looks at UCSC Genome Browser and dbSNP.

Bioinformatics Insight

submitted by: capino

Introduction to bioinformatics with Dr. Steve Jones, Head, Bioinformatics, Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer Agency