Feature curation - version beta

submitted by: alpapan

This is part of the genes4all package. Showing how users can curate genes using GMOD DBSF and genes4all

Structural Bioinformatics Pharm 201 UCSD Lecture 7

submitted by: Phil

This is lecture 7 from a graduate student class in structural bioinformatics offered at UCSD see http://www.sdsc.edu/pb/edu/pharm201/ The lecture illustrates to students how biocurators accept and process data both within the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and UniProt with the goal of helping students understand the strengths and weaknesses of the data they analyze.

The ELIXIR Database Provider Survey

submitted by: cdsouthan

How biological databases are used in the European Union.

Data Curation in Biology – Past, Present and Future

submitted by: simont
This is an audio recording of Janet Thornton's keynote presentation at the Third International BioCurator Society meeting held in Berlin, April 2009. Abstract: Data curation has been critical in the development of biology from Darwin and Linnaeus to UniProt, the careful collection and organisation of data has been the spring from which new hypotheses and understanding have emerged. In this presentation, I will describe how we have used data curation in my own research group - and also...