Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems International Tobacco Control Four-Country Survey

submitted by: anthonywbrown
Background: Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) initially emerged in 2003 and have since become widely available globally, particularly over the Internet. Purpose: Data on ENDS usage patterns are limited. The current paper examines patterns of ENDS awareness, use, and product-associated beliefs among current and former smokers in four countries. Methods: Data come from Wave 8 of the International Tobacco Control Four-Country Survey, collected July 2010 to June 2011 and analyzed...
Authors: Sarah Adkison, Richard O’Connor, Maansi Bansal-Travers, Andrew Hyland, Ron Borland, Hua-Hie Yong, K. Michael Cummings, Ann McNeill, James Thrasher, David Hammond, Geoffrey Fong

Shake that Building - What Did You Learn in School Today?

submitted by: sciencebridge

CyberBridge and Chula Vista Middle School, team up to teach students critical knowledge about Earthquakes! Creating an earthquake simulation model, Chula Vista Middle staff, challenge students with creating buildings stable enough to withstand the quakes magnitude. Using, different craft materials, students learn what shapes and structures fair better against this real life natural phenomena.

Emergency Response Planning

submitted by: esreed
Recent events suggest that the United States as a whole is unprepared to respond effectively to damage caused by natural disasters. Research indicates that the nation’s university campuses require increased attention paid to their own disaster preparedness planning. This study is tailored specifically to earthquakes in proximity to the University of California at San Diego. Data ascertained has provided crucial insight into the potential consequences of a large-magnitude earthquake in...

Web 2.0 Panel

submitted by: dougramsey

A discussion with Brian Dear from Eventful.com, Seth Greenberg from Intuit.com and Turbotax, and Seth Sternberg from Meebo.com on Web 2.0, online enterpreneurship, user communities, advertising, technology and communication.