"Visualization of a Stampede: On Rendering Vertex Buffer Objects with CGLX" by Madhu Srinivasan

submitted by: apryl

Dr. Madhu Srinivasan discussing his visualization of a stampede. KAUST sonification engineers have developed and will continue working on an audio project that utilizes this type of media.

Nathan Brock on Audio - MSI-CIEC OptiPortal Workshop 2011

submitted by: jsale

Nathan Brock discusses the audio capabilities of the Optiportal (able) at the 2011 MSI-CIEC Optiportal (able) Workshop at Cal-IT2.

Auditory Interfaces for Indoor navigation

submitted by: shreyans2

This video explains our current research in the VEMI lab to find best possible interface for indoor navigation to be used by blind and sighted users.

Online Pedagogy e-learning pedagogy

submitted by: mcweadon

McWeadon Professor Badrul Khan discusses Online Pedagogy e-learning pedagogy online education distance education.