Science Nation - Orangutan Copycats

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How smart are copy cats? Maybe it depends on your species You know the saying "monkey see, monkey do?" How about "orangutan see, orangutan do?" If that holds true, the small orangutan peering over his mother's shoulder in an enclosure at Zoo Atlanta should learn how to get a tasty treat just by watching how she gets one. For more information and more ScienceNation videos, go to

jewelry Artisans

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Sometimes you simply can't find exactly what you want -- and visiting store after store hoping to find it feels pointless and tiring.

Come to Jewelry Artisans and talk to Jamie. He'll guide you gently through what you're looking for, how you wear jewelry (or how she does, if it's a gift), and what you're trying to capture with the design.

Custom design takes a little time, but it's worth it to get exactly what you want.

Drug Discovery for Alzheimer's Disease

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Gregory Rose from interviews J. Buccafusco (Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA) about his development of new anti-Altzheimer drugs, designed to act by multiple mechanisms to improve congnition. Desensitization of nicotinic receptors is one of the novel approaches proposed by Buccafusco. Three of his compounds are currently in advanced preclinical evaluation.