Dry Ice Bubble Art

submitted by: Don Mackay

Make a piece of art by mixing dry ice, paint, and water. Ok, it's not da Vinci, but it's fun.

Telematic Performance

submitted by: dougramsey

Concert and Talk by Mark Dresser

Capturing and Editing Multimedia Events

submitted by: dougramsey

Talk by Doug Ramsey and Alex Matthews about "Capturing and Editing Multimedia Events"

Technology and Art: A Tool Becomes a Force

submitted by: dougramsey

Talk by Roger Reynolds and Steven Schick about "Technology and Art: A Tool Becomes a Force"

Petri Dish Circus (MWV12)

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
See the history of microbiology in nine scenes of gags, burlesque, drollery and song. Produced by Active Cultures, the vernacular theatre of Maryland, Petri Dish Circus is a play based off of the classic non-fiction novel Microbe Hunters by Paul Henry de Kruif. Much like the original book first published in 1926 that describes 12 historical milestones in science, Active Cultures reenacts "the daring-do of Louis Pasteur in his Parisian lab, the Scotch fortitude of Ronald Ross as he travels...