Antibiotic resistant hospital bacteria

submitted by: COMED2010
MOSAR aims to significantly advance our knowledge regarding the control of antimicrobial resistance of bacteria responsible for major and emerging nosocomial diseases in hospitals, which are now spreading into communities. MOSAR will examine the factors determining the dynamics of spread of AMRB within healthcare facilities and the relative efficacity and medicoeconomic impact of control strategies. The resulting new knowledge will be disseminated to caregivers and health policy makers and...

Superbug, Be Gone

submitted by: danvas

A short documentary about a new strategy of combatting antibiotic resistance.

Superbug, Be Gone - rough cut

submitted by: danvas

A film directed by Aliya Sadeque and co-directed by Daniel Vasquez about new strategies to overcome antibiotic resistance.

Genetically Programmable Pathogen Sense and Destroy

submitted by: saurabh gupta

The video describes my invention of Engineered cells which can act as a live vaccine. These cells are programmed to intelligently detect a particular gut pathogen and then specifically and completely kill it without affecting the normal gut microbial flora. This automated approach thus prevents from horrible side effects of current antibiotics and growing resistance against them.