Dr. Warren Laskey discusses a study about contrast induced nephroxicity

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A discussion of a study titled, "Nephrotoxicity of iodixanol versus iopamidol in patients with chronic kidney disease and diabetes mellitus undergoing coronary angiographic procedures'" which was published in the November 2009 issue of the American heart Journal (Am Heart J 2009;158:822-828.e3) Authors: Warren Laskey, MD,a Peter Aspelin, MD,b Charles Davidson, MD,c Michael Rudnick, MD,d Pierre Aubry, MD,e Sreenivas Kumar, MD,f Frank Gietzen, MD,g and Marcus Wiemer, MDh on behalf of the...

Great Duty

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A short film about the angiography procedure and an example for its purpose.
The film was made and include for my lecture about the angiography procedure.