Let's Split Mitosis-Style

submitted by: Destroyer501

I, Harold, am playing as a student who got home late and needs to work on a paper for mitosis. As I am working, I realize that I am too tired and need to rest. While I'm leaving I spill my cup and out falls all the materials required in the video onto my paper, displaying some stages of mitosis. While I'm resting, I have a dream of myself rapping about mitosis, explaining some steps and elements of the process.

Long Asters Rock The Spindle

submitted by: JCB
Astral microtubules help position the cytokinetic furrow by confining actomyosin contractility to the cell equator. Rankin and Wordeman reveal that if astral microtubules grow too long, they expand membrane blebs at the mitotic cell poles that squeeze the mitotic spindle back and forth between the two daughter cells. This biosights episode presents the paper by Rankin and Wordeman from the July 12, 2010 issue of The Journal of Cell Biology, and includes an interview with senior author Linda...