First to market. The ultimate pain reliever for a generic pharmaceutical company.

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In the world of generic pharmaceuticals, there’s a simple saying: He who reaches the market first gets the biggest return. Little wonder Apotex wanted to decrease their overall cycle time from inception through to product launch. View the video clip to find out how Apotex hit their time line. Or view the entire video at

Want to know what drugs are in a patient’s body? Doctors know not to ask the patient.

submitted by: Clare Hovan

How does a doctor determine whether a drug will work if he doesn’t know what other drugs the patient is taking? This perplexing question challenged Dominion Diagnostics, a laboratory specializing in urine drug testing and medication monitoring. Without knowing exactly what the medications are, the number of possible drug interactions is mind numbing. Questioning the patient is no guarantee of accuracy. View the video to find out how Dominion Diagnostics met this challenge.

Analytical Instrument for reproduction of the Stomach physics and IV-IVO correlation.

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A tentative to replicate the Stomach Phisical movements in presence of solid dose ingestion, led to the development of a “proof of concept” computerized instrument (using RTP protocol and an IV-IVO library) successfully used during the evaluation of the novel extended release drug delivery platform of Superporous Hydrogel (SPH) at Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc. This movie present the prototype instrument and the successful tentative (Kos Value Award 2004) to measure the physicochemical...