Altering Practices in Design through Community Engagement

submitted by: tahlor.c
This project seeks to identify the benefits in altering current design practices to better social capital, particularly in marginalized communities. It will look at current uses of community engagement through the design process to further sustainability of communities and to build social capital, particularly in affordable housing communities. Through the close study of various Community Development Agencies, interviews with field experts, and comparison of case studies, I hope to establish...
Authors: Tahlor Cleveland

Section 8 in San Diego

submitted by: J-rizzle

Case study of the Section 8 program in the San Diego area. Researched where Section 8 participants are concentrated and what their characteristics are. Interviews were conducted with 35 residents living in buildings owned by the SDHC, which administrates Section 8 locally. Although reviews were mostly good, several people complained about maintenance response times and mice.

Green Material Informatino Sources for Affordable Housing

submitted by: ChadD

My Senior Research Project

Where Does Affordable Housing Money Come From? Understanding the flow of investment in City Heights

submitted by: michael.lin
With inflation outpacing wage increases along with the economic downturn in recent years, the need and demand for affordable housing units has skyrocketed. In the last decade development firms have increasingly tried to provide affordable housing units, but the obstacle is how much funding and incentives do they receive for these types of units? This proposal analyzed the affordable housing situation in City Heights by looking at the sources of funding for affordable housing developments,...

Sustainable Design Methods and Practices for Affordable Housing

submitted by: elizajy

A comparative study of existing housing conditions in Chula Vista and approaches for a new standard of living in San Diego

Reshaping the U.S. Housing Market: Nonprofits Helping Latinos Bridge the Housing Gap

submitted by: vyflores

My topic deals with affordable housing. The contents of the postercast indicate the purpose, background, and significance of the study. The analysis of demographics, annual reports, and scholarly journals is also mentioned. Additionally, some graphs and pictures are included.

Swept Under the Rug; Assessing the Questionable Site Selection of Affordable Housing

submitted by: dhecklau

Current research on affordable housing presents the benefits of selecting sites in areas of high opportunity, specifically intimating that affordable housing has significantly more utility when located in proximity to employment, services, and the cultural and recreational accoutrement of the community. This has a deleterious effect on the affordable housing in Poway, California and raises legitimate concerns.

Improving Quality of Life for Seniors: A Case Study in Serviced Enriched Affordable Housing

submitted by: Nicole Piano

Improving quality of life for seniors: A case study in serviced enriched affordable housing

Redevelopment and Affordable Housing: City of San Diego RDA Affordable Housing Developments Demonstrate Spatial Quality

submitted by: michellek

Discussion on and examination of the spatial quality, in terms of amenities, transit access, and public resources, of affordable housing developments as a result of the City of San Diego’s Redevelopment Agency’s compliance with state redevelopment law.