Assembling Contractile Actomyosin Bundles

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Assembling Contractile Actomyosin Bundles by Margaret Gardel, University of Chicago, USA
Soft Active Materials
May 18, 2009 – May 21, 2009
Syracuse University, New York

T cell signaling goes with the flow

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Activated T cell receptors stimulate actin polymerization at the periphery of the immunological synapses that form between lymphocytes and antigen-presenting cells. Babich et al. reveal that the retrograde flow of actin, largely driven by continuous polymerization, is required to sustain downstream signaling events and T cell activation. This biosights episode presents the paper by Babich et al. from the June 11, 2012 issue of The Journal of Cell Biology and includes an interview with senior...

Vinculin minds the endothelial gap

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The adhesions between endothelial cells transiently remodel in response to angiogenic growth factors and inflammatory cytokines. Huveneers et al. reveal that remodeling takes place at a subset of adhesions called focal adherens junctions, which recruit the mechanosensory protein Vinculin to resist tension from the actomyosin cytoskeleton and avoid excessive disruption during the remodeling process. This biosights episode presents the paper by Huveneers et al. from the March 5, 2012, issue of...

The R403Q Myosin Mutation Implicated in Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Causes Disorder at the Actomyosin Interface

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Background Mutations in virtually all of the proteins comprising the cardiac muscle sarcomere have been implicated in causing Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (FHC). Mutations in the β-myosin heavy chain (MHC) remain among the most common causes of FHC, with the widely studied R403Q mutation resulting in an especially severe clinical prognosis. In vitro functional studies of cardiac myosin containing the R403Q mutation have revealed significant changes in enzymatic and...
Authors: Dorit Hanein, Larnele Hazelwood, Susan Lowey, HongJun Lui, Kathleen M. Trybus, Niels Volkmann