Science Nation - Virtual Reality Maps

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- Rebuilding the world one pixel at a time - Who says Rome wasn't built in a day? With the muscle of about 500 computers and 150,000 still images, Steve Seitz, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington's Seattle campus, and his colleagues have reconstructed many of Rome's famous landmarks in just 21 hours. For more Science Nation, visit:

Science Nation - Cyber Sickness - A Virtual Bummer

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Is a trip to the 3-D movies making you sick? With the recent release of blockbusters such as Avatar and How to Train your Dragon and with expectations that 3-D TVs will be a big seller during the holidays, 2010 is fast shaping up to become "The Year of 3-D," at least in the world of entertainment. If Hollywood ticket sales are any indication, folks are embracing the new technology in droves. But, while many of us watch 3-D entertainment in awe, others are compelled to look away. There just...

3D Modulated Optical Crystals as Computer-Generated Volume Holograms

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Rafael Piestun gives a talk at LC2CAM conference about 3-D light-fields and optical functions, the 3-D optical elements of space, frequency, and polarization, and experimental methods and application.

LAMP mechanism

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This is the mechanism for Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification.