3D Modulated Optical Crystals as Computer-Generated Volume Holograms

submitted by: icamvid

Rafael Piestun gives a talk at LC2CAM conference about 3-D light-fields and optical functions, the 3-D optical elements of space, frequency, and polarization, and experimental methods and application.

Greg Hidley - MSI-CIEC OptiPortal Workshop 2011

submitted by: jsale

Greg Hidley of Cal-IT2 presents an overview and some background on the Optiportal.

Q and A - MSI-CIEC OptiPortal Workshop 2011

submitted by: jsale

Question and answer session with Tom Defanti and other Cal-IT2 Optiportal personnel.

Nathan Brock on Audio - MSI-CIEC OptiPortal Workshop 2011

submitted by: jsale

Nathan Brock discusses the audio capabilities of the Optiportal (able) at the 2011 MSI-CIEC Optiportal (able) Workshop at Cal-IT2.

Alice Project - Wizard in Space

submitted by: SDSCStudentTECH

This was a project created at the UCSD Alice workshop.

How the ER shapes up and ships out

submitted by: JCB
The endoplasmic reticulum is a complex network of interconnected membrane tubules and cisternae. West et al. use electron tomography to reveal the full diversity of ER structures present in budding yeast and how these structures pass from the mother cell into the bud. This biosights episode presents the paper by West et al. from the April 18, 2011, issue of The Journal of Cell Biology, and includes an interview with senior author Gia Voeltz (University of Colorado, Boulder). Produced by...

Quadrotor Simulation

submitted by: gimmechillout

Simple quadrotor simulation using PD control, visualized with Simulink 3D.

LAMP mechanism

submitted by: ivalenti

This is the mechanism for Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification.

How Real Can We Be? Experiencing the Virtual Reality: A Dynamic 3D Model of the Calit2 Building

submitted by: zmz45

Building from an existing project in the Calit2 Immersive Visualization Lab, this research continues to develop a 3D digital model of the Calit2 building and its surroundings, where dynamic elements such as light sources, operating elevators, and automatic doors were added to offer a realistic sense to the artificial model.