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Oswaldo Perez

Regional Comprehensive Planning 2009

The Regional Comprehensive Plan (RCP) serves as the long-term planning framework for the San Diego region. It provides a broad context in which local and regional decisions can be made that move the region toward a sustainable future - a future with more choices and opportunities for all residents of the region. The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) produced the RCP through a collaborative process that involved a wide range of stakeholders. As noted on the SANDAG web site, "The RCP better integrates our local land use and transportation decisions, and focuses attention on where and how we want to grow, providing a vital alternative to where we could end up if we continue with business as usual. The RCP contains an incentive-based approach to encourage and channel growth into existing and future urban areas and smart growth communities." Group page: RESEARCH TEAM: The Regional Comprehensive Plan: Barriers and Bridges to Implementation (mentor: Bob Leiter)

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