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Public Health, Safety and Welfare 2009

Alejandro Martinez

Crime and the City 2009

“Crime and the City” means many things to many people. As Urban Studies and Planning majors, crime may be examined at several levels. These could be: planning and design (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design – CPTED) as it relates to types of places (risky facilities, parks, public housing, schools, etc.) as it relates to demographics and neighborhood-level issues (social justice) The research is not limited to the above 3 categories; there are other aspects in the study of crime in an urban area which may be explored. Students may do research on a particular place and the public safety issues surrounding that place; or on a type of place (parks, schools, etc.). Conversely, students may want to research a specific crime problem and how it differs across a city or neighborhood. Group page: RESEARCH TEAM: Crime and the City: New approaches in theory and practice (mentor: Julie Wartell)

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