Green Infrastructure for Sustainable City-Regions 2009

The concept of using rivers and watersheds as objects of focus for a region's planning efforts may seem foreign to many. However, once one understands the extent of interconnectedness that rivers and watersheds have upon all the inhabitants of a region they will be able understand the imperative of using rivers and watersheds to base planning efforts. A watershed is best understood as a giant bowl that can span across an entire city, an entire county, or even across multiple states. Whenever it rains or whenever waste-water is dumped into a storm drain the water travels down the sides of this "bowl" through a series of small creeks and channels. The creeks and channels empty into larger and larger rivers until they finally empty into a region's water bodies also know as lakes, bays, and oceans. Group page: RESEARCH TEAM: San Diego River Park: A case study in valuing green infrastructure (mentor: Rob Hutzel)

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