Mitigating Climate Change with Regional Transportation Planning
Mar 6, 2009

In the last decade, climate change has risen to prominence as a significant social and political issue in the United...

Reintroducing Community in a Land of Sprawl
Mar 5, 2009

This research examines the features of sprawl that have such negative impacts on community, livability, and sense of...

Role of Sketch Planning Tools in Participatory Planning
Mar 5, 2009

The sketch modeling tool I-PLACE3S is an excellent planning tool that is designed to facilitate the collaborative...

Evaluating Policy and Practice in San Diego's Transportation Infrastructure
Mar 5, 2009

Poster for the USP Senior Research Project

Agriculture in the City?
Mar 5, 2009

Senior research project on the viability of dedicating publicly-owned urban land to agriculture in the City of San...