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Equitable Redevelopment and Public Policy 2009

Background The Center on Policy Initiatives (CPI) is a non-profit research and advocacy organization formed in 1997 to address issues affecting working people in the San Diego region. It conducts research, builds coalitions and advocates for a fair economy in which economic opportunities are accessible to all and no one who works lives in poverty. CPI believes in Smart Growth that creates equitable opportunities for workers and families. Thus, public awareness and participation are tools to ensure that urban planning and development benefits the entire community. Through research-based education and collaborative coalitions of community, labor, faith-based and environmental organizations, CPI advances policies to build San Diego's future responsibly. The Three Es Urban planning increasingly works to balance the "three Es" of ecology, economics and equity. This research project explores the continued development and construction in San Diego County and how this impacts the growing divide between prosperity and poverty. Moreover, how can the San Diego region move towards a better balance of the three Es? How could this happen and what would it look like? The intent of this project is to evaluate whether we are building a San Diego for everyone, by examining development from different points of view including community, public policy, labor union, worker, environmentalist and developer. Group page: RESEARCH TEAM: Inequality and public policy (mentor: Isaac Martin) Group page: RESEARCH TEAM: Sustainable Development : Policy and planning challenges aimed at integrating social justice/equity, economic efficiency and environmental stewardship (co-mentors: Murtaza Baxamusa, Corinne Wilson, Donald Cohen)

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